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Classic Lashes: A natural looking set, with one single lash applied to each natural lash


Volume Lashes: A thick full coverage set of lashes, which can be soft and whispy, dark and dramatic or somewhere in between, with handmade fans of 3-6 lashes applied to each lash


Hybrid Lashes: A blend of volume fans and classic lashes to create a soft but full coverage set of lashes.


Mega Volume Lashes: For those who want to go all out, very full coverage fluffy, dense set of lashes.


Half Set: Very subtle, and a great place to start if you’re looking for something natural or on a budget. One lash applied to every second natural lash


Lash Lift (with optional lash tint): Curling your natural lashes which creates an illusion of longer lashes and more open eyes. Very natural and requires no maintenance. Add a tint to make them pop! Lasts 6 weeks.


Brow Lamination: A popular new trend which holds the brow hairs into position semi-permanently for up to 6 weeks. It gives the appearance of fuller, more shapely brows. A hybrid brow dye and a wax to shape is included.


Hyrbrid Brow Dye (with optional reshape): Hybrid dye is long lasting, bold colour, lasting 2-3 weeks on the skin and up to 7 weeks on the hairs. Great for those who like noticeable brows.

Henna Brow (with optional reshape): Henna is all natural tint which lasts 1-2 weeks on the skin and brow hairs. It starts off looking bold but softens quickly.

Brow Wax: Shape or tidy up brows with a simple brow wax


Brow Tint: Our classic brow tint is subtle, and usually lasts up to 2 weeks. It is a great place to start if you have never tinted your brows before


Microblading / Powder Brow Cosmetic Tattoo: Permanent brow tattooing lasts up to 2 years. We perform both microblading and machine tattooing techniques, with a choice of hairstrokes, or powder brow style. We carefully map out your brow shape and discuss your needs. We strongly recommend booking a free 15min consultation prior to booking any tattooing procedure.


Eyeliner Tattoo: Top and/or bottom eyeliner tattoo available, lasts up to 5 years. We strongly recommend a 15min free consultation before booking this service.

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