Eye shapes have been a mystery to many for a long time, finding your eye shape and everything that goes along with it seems like a complicated and long process but we re here to help!


There are 10 common eye shapes, below we explain each shape and how to identify yours. 


Almond - almond shaped eyes are commonly sought after due to the ability to transform the eye with make up or lashes as they are the most versatile. Almond eyes are slightly oval shaped with obvious pointed inner and outer corners, and are slightly elongated. 

Round - round eyes are exactly as they sound. Not elongated at all, they are almost completely circular with a prominent curve. 

Monolid - monolids are not as common, they are more common in people of Sourthern Asian decent. Commonly described as having no crease or a very faint crease in the eyelid. 

Hooded - hooded eyes are more common and they appear to have an extra foiled over the lid covering the crease. They often have a crease in the inner corner. 

Upturned - upturned eyes have a prominent curve on the lower lash line curving upwards on the outer corner of the eye. 

Downturned - downturned eyes are the opposite to upturned. The lower lash line being almost a straight line, with absolutely no curve towards the other corner. 

Deep-set - deep-set eyes have an inwards slant towards the inner corner of the eye. They are set a lot further down from the brow bone giving the appearance of a larger eyelid. 


Protruding - protruding eyes often have the appearance of a smaller gap between the brow and the top lash line. The eye is almost in line with the brow bone. 


Close set - close set eyes are closer together and close to the nose. 


Wide set wide set are the opposite to close set, and are further apart.  

How to determine your eye shape

1. Place your mirror at eye level, step back and look directly forward. 

2. Identify your crease, which is the fold of skin on the top of your eyelid. If you can’t find your crease, you may have monolids. If it seems your crease is covering most of your lid, you may have hooded eyes. 

3. Draw an invisible line straight across your eye with the pupil in the centre. If you don’t have monolids or hooded eyes this will be the most efficient way to find you’re shape. Then have a look at the outer and inter corners and see if they are in line with your invisible line. If the corners are above your line you have upturned eyes, if they are below then you have downturned eyes. 

If you’re still not sure they may simply be almond or round. An easy way to determine which one is if you can see the whites of your eyes above and below the iris. If you can, you have round eyes, if you can see the white then its more likely you have almond eyes. 

Knowing your eye shape is helpful when applying make up as different styles will suit different eye shapes. There are online tutorials for every shaped eye. As lash technicians we can also apply lashes to emphasise your shape, or if you would like to disguise your shape we can make adjustments for example making almond eyes appear more rounded. If you have any questions please feel free to email us or ask next time you’re in salon! 


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